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Deepstuff Records is Home to Deepstuff TV, Deepstuff Records, Deepstuff Magazine, Music Market, Deepstuff Studios


Home to the Multi-instrumentalist, Singer-Songwriter, Musician, Performer and Co-Host of (The Alien Spaceship & The Football Referee) Talk Show Trevor Gear.

A passion for creating Music

Our comprehensive State of the Art Music Studio Located in the Heart of West Yorkshire, Bradford is Home to the prestigious Deepstuff Radios and Deepstuff Studios and Deepstuff Radio Podcasts/Talkshow

Deepstuff Magazine

Articles ranging from current events to News on football, Music and Entertainment

Deepstuff TV

Music Video from Artists from around the World all day long

Deepstuff Radio

Deepstuff Radio 1, Deepstuff Radio 1 Xtra and Deepstuff Radio 2

Music Market

Experience Indie Music like no other, with different Genres and Styles

Music Label

Fully Fledged Record Label that started from humble beginnings in Manchester in 2014

Deepstuff Studios

Home to Productions of Talkshows, Podcasts and interviews like Probe the Act, You Talk too much, The Alien Spaceship and The Football Referee

An array of Genres

Our Music Catalogue is very Diverse and full of Variety.

Our Podcasts

  • Probe The Act.
  • The Alien Spaceship.
  • The Football Referee.

ShowCased Artists

  • Trevor Gear.
  • Drem TGI.
  • Drem Baba.

“A Life Without Music is Like a Meal without Seasoning – ‘Tasteless’ .”

Medline Bradley – @meddiebaddie on X


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