DEEPSTUFF INTRODUCING – Singer, Songwriter and performing Artist Gillian Heidi @IamGillianHeidi

Singer, Songwriter and performing Artist
Gillian Heidi
twitter: @IamGillianHeidi

Some songwriters pull you into their stories and take you to a place. Gillian Heidi sings about teenage relationships and feelings and it all comes rushing back.

Her lyrics take you to earlier days when you felt with more feeling and dared to express yourself without filtering your thoughts. When she sings about the goosebumps that new love brings, you’ll remember just how that felt.

Her songs bring it all back as she uses her voice as an instrument strangely full of innocence and knowing. Fans see her as a blend of Colbie Caillat, Camila Cabello and early Taylor Swift.

An odd mix that magically works. Sweetness stirred together with intelligence, edge and angst. Gillian’s songs focus on moments and relationships.

When she sings about the loss of a special friendship, she recalls missing her “smile full of sunshine and eyes full of light” and she captures the essence of the feeling in the lyrics “I don’t miss you, but I miss what it felt like.”

And in the energetic bop Player, she offers a warning to those who think that they can tame someone toying with their feelings. Words of power, vulnerability and self-doubt pour from this insightful 14-year-old.

Praise for Gillian’s work

Producer Patrick Hanlin says, “Artists decades older wish that they could craft lyrics as insightful and moving.” Her songs are fresh, not over manipulated. Listening will transport you to another time in life. You’ll experience the intensity and yearn for moments you left behind.


Gillian released her first single, “what it felt like”, in January 2019. Her second single, “player”, is dropping on the 15th of February and a five song EP will follow in mid-March.  She is currently writing and recording 16 new songs for an album that is planned to be released in late 2019.