DEEPSTUFF INTRODUCING – Argentinean Rock Band @_alanlujan

La Narigona is a rock & blues band formed in Lanús in 2016, composed of four members: Alan Luján (drums, percussion and choirs); JR Martínez (1st guitar); Juanjo Aieta (Low); Brian Luján (voice and 2nd guitar).

The band started with the Luján brothers with a solid idea of ​​the style but without being able to give potential to the ideas that were proposed. Soon they met JR who knew how to make sense of the group’s music.

Rehearsing for just over a year without going out to play, the group set out to create their own material that meets the tastes of all members and polishing the smallest detail in terms of lyrics and instrumentation.

In that year the band went through a keyboardist and three bass players who did not project clear ideas for the project, so Rodrigo arrived to give body and a good base to the whole.

The lyrics of La Narigona are composed mostly by the brothers and their father. The way of writing is emphasized by using metaphors and giving a poetic meaning to the stories; from the musical ideas of all the members that throughout combine to form the final product.

The first recorded material of the band is titled “Sempiterno”, recorded in Rivera Records Producciones by the hand of Diego Alcántara. The work aims to publicize the potential of the group with a high degree of professionalism in the quality of the sound achieved.