DEEPSTUFF INTRODUCING- Singer/Rapper, Afrobeat Artist- Jimoh Jibril Olaitan aka Jeezy Benz @Manlikejeezy1

Singer/Rapper, Afrobeat Artist- Jeezy Benz @Manlikejeezy1

Meet Jimoh Jibril Olaitan, One of lead University’s best graduating students of mass communication who has a God-like talent for the AfroBeat sound. Jimoh is ready to bless our speakers with the most unique AfroBeat sounds. The Lawlight Records multi-talented young Star with a divested vocal skill and an unquestionable love for the African Music culture is ready to tighten the competition in the AfroMusic industry.  Jimoh who’s also known as Jeezy Benz has a very strong message he shared on his heart touching song titled Hustle.  There’s a new wave in Afrobeat sound and Jeezy Benz is leading the new wave.