DEEPSTUFF INTRODUCING – Brazillian Rock Band Anguere @anguere

members of the hugely sought after Brazillian Rock Band Anguere


Formed at the end of 2008 in the city of Rio Claro-SP, the band ANGUERE brings a violent repertoire seeking to join some characteristics of Brazilian music with various styles of heavy music, performing a rabid and aggressive sound.

ANGUERE has two albums released, their first album titled ANGUERE released in 2009 and the second entitled SHOCK in 2015. In addition to these two albums also have two EP, “HCRC” that was released in 2014 and “CHAIN” in 2017.

In the middle of the albums project were also released three official videos, first was FDP Corruption in 2015, State of Shock in 2016 and the most recent “N.O.I.A.” in 2017. The videos FDP Corruption and State of Shock gained worldwide proportions, they were published by the most important channel of its segment the Hardcore World Wide.

ANGUERE is a very active band with shows throughout Brazil and also has performed in a tour in the year 2017 by countries like Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. The band ANGUERE follows with plans to fulfill shows in all national territory and also abroad in the course of 2018.

Thiago Soares is a vocalist in the band ANGUERE