Brief History

The record Label – Deepstuff Records Ltd. (formed in 2014 by 2 Director but currently owned SOLELY by Deepstuff Radio DJ & Presenter, Singer, Songwriter and writer, Emmy Hikins aka Drem TGI) is a music production company, Music publishers, music distribution and a media

Who we are

We are an indie record label/entertainment company with registered office in London in the United Kingdom, in the business of giving up and coming artist the platform of getting their music heard on a global scale plus getting them the royalties accruing from such.

What we do

Artists on our promo list enjoy the following:

1. Airplays plus twitter mentions 24 hours daily for 12 calendar months (up to 5 songs)

2. Interviews for deepstuff magazine

3. Interviews for podcast

4. Interviews for radio plays

5. Interviews for iTunes

6. Songs reviews (up to 5 songs)

7. YouTube videos reviews on deepstuff magazine

8. Music video reviews

9. Organic Twitter account management for 3 months with a guaranteed following of 15,000 (optional)

10. Free listing on our music market and our artistes get 100% of sales.

11. 1000 YouTube views

12. 1000 subs (optional)

13.  Personalised twitter mentions daily for 12 months: https://twitter.com/meddiebaddie

14. free mix down and mastering of 5 tracks maximum (optional)

15. Music stores/ website advertising links display for example: https://twitter.com/meddiebaddie/status/1086194400684883968?s=21

What we do (cont’d)

We publish your mastered recordings on major online stores, get you radio airplays in and around the areas where your music is most likely to have the biggest audience. We will also get you to play promotional gigs to help get yourself started up on that ladder. We will create and boost your online presence on the online music community, get your ratings up, and increase your chances of making your songs heard by bigger shots in your particular music genre community (if you’d rather go with the big shots already established record labels).

What we do not do

As a result of trying to get as much artist of various genres heard, promoted and marketed at the moment, we would unfortunately NOT (at this point in time) be able to cater for the following expenses (unless expressly agreed in writing; artist per artist basis ONLY):

  • Recording costs(demos or mastering)
  • Studio time costs
  • Travel costs
  • Gigs expenses

What we Do Not do (Cont’d)

  • Accommodation costs
  • Hotel expenses
  • Duos or featured artists expenses or
  • Contributors to a track
  • Backing vocals/vocalist cost
  • Pay for the purchase of instruments/instrumentals
  • Pay for songs bought (from other artist) or
  • Any form of songwriter’s fees and
  • songs covers fees

Our duty of service to you

we would however, gladly make copyrights of all your works at ‘NO FEE’ at all we would improve the sound quality of your submitted tracks to meet industry standards, we would listen to and select which tracks we feel is comprehensive enough to go on the online stores. We would provide free advice to artist on how to make final renderings on master recordings even prior to signing under the Label.

Our Mission

At Deepstuff Records LTD., we believe no artist should ever have to make music solely for free listen, free streaming and free download as this in the end only makes more money for the big record companies ONLY. So therefore, we endeavour to make every song written by you, start earning you some money as soon as possible. We are experts at promoting you and getting your videos seen, views on youtube, dailymotion and most recently on our radios.

Our Services 

For a list of  our paid services we offer please see our contact page